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Five Fists of the Middle Kingdom

Set in a wuxia-inspired vision of ancient China (generally considered “Mythic China”), Five Fists of the Middle Kingdom is a homebrew D&D 3.5 edition game that incorporates rules from alternate sources to stylize its low magic, high action setting. All characters are monks first, following through with secondary classes if they wish. This game is meant to tell a story – one that details the rise of five individual monks from different martial traditions coming to understand their power and their place in the Middle Kingdom.

OOC Information

The following is considered Out Of Character information and is just for research purposes only. This includes any information listed regarding ancient Chinese culture and rules for specific things in Dungeons and Dragons. This should not be considered common knowledge for your character, but some elements may be used by a character with a successful skill check pertaining to that (Knowledge: History, Martial Lore, Knowledge: Religion, etc.). Alternately, some aspects may not appear in game at all, like any reference to actual Chinese history.

IC Information

This information specifically pertains to the campaign’s setting, including information about magic, the history of the Middle Kingdom, specific figures in the Middle Kingdom, and so on. While this is IC information, it should not be assumed that the characters know this information with the requisite knowledge or other skills. For example, while a character might have Weapon Focus: Longsword and a Weapon Specialization in longswords, she may not know who the most prestigious swordsmith in a specific region of the Middle Kingdom is. That would require a Craft skill or other Knowledge skill based on the DM’s discretion. Alternately, the DM may decide that a specific character may know or comprehend an idea based on his or her feats or skills at any time. Please remember to ask instead of assume.

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