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Five Fists of the Middle Kingdom is a tale of a band of virtuous, noble, and heroic kung fu warriors who, when faced with a grand threat to their lands and loved ones, set out on a quest to right wrongs and bring justice and peace to the fantastic China of old. It draws heavily from Chinese mythology, philosophy, and the wuxia genre of martial arts action­-adventure novels and films. As such, all characters begin as first­level lawful good human monks (other races exist but are rare and the stuff of legend and fantasy [even within this fantasy setting]) with an additional level in a class appropriate to their intended style. This will probably be from among the following:

  • Monk (including options from page 50 PHB2, page 48 Complete Champion, almost all of Oriental Adventures, Unearthed Arcana page 52)
  • Fighter (including options from page 22 PHB2 and Oriental Adventures)
  • Ardent (page 5 Complete Psionic), Psychic Warrior or Psion (expanded psionics handbook pages (25 and 19) (psychic energy is a form of qi, and psionic characters are known as “qi sorcerors” in the Middle Kingdom)
  • Swashbuckler (Complete Warrior page 11) (Extra options page 62 PHB2)
  • Swordsage and Warblade (Book of Nine Swords)
  • Sohei (a character with this class may begin as a level 2 Sohei instead of taking a level of monk, assuming the right background story)

Now, it is worth noting that simply because all of the charactes will likely be of the Monk class that this does not mean every character is a strict Buddhist adhering to any strictures such as vegetarianism, celibacy, pacifism, etc. In fact, there are old tales of monks who, in breaking these strictures, discovered hidden wells of powers within themselves, and having a level of monk in this campaign is simply a sign of great devotion to the martial arts. However, those players who wish to represent the spiritual power that can come from a deep adherence to ascetic codes should look into the various Vow feats from Book of Exalted Deeds starting on page 45.

House Rules

All characters may multiclass freely with the monk class, and it is always a favored class. Any chi sorcerors gain a bonus psionic or metapsionic feat at first level instead of a psicrystal, if applicable.

All spell, class, feat, skill, prestige class or other character creation or advancement options or choices are subject to DM approval as he deems fitting for the setting or character. Iaijutsu Focus, Autohypnosis, and Martial Lore are class skills for all classes. All classes receive +1 skill point per level and 4 extra skill points at first character level which must be spent among these skills.

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