A heavy-bladed spear used for slashing instead of piercing.

weapon (melee)

The guandao (or yanyuedao) is a spear tipped with a heavy slashing blade. Some larger variations of this weapon exist — often called “horse-killers” for their rumored ability to behead a horse in one slash. Where it varies from the traditional spear is in the way it is used; the guandao is used for quick and close combat and is often wielded by single fighters unlike its slender-bladed cousin.

Guandao, martial weapon; Damage: 2d4; Critical Threat: x3; Cost: 2 gp; Type: Slashing; Size: Medium; Cannot be thrown, no additional bonuses to damage if used to prepare against a charge or while mounted. Counts as spear for the purposes of Martial Styles & Feats.



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