Bracers of Yi Wu

Bracers containing the essence of the protector of the Song of Water, Yi Wu.


Game Mechanics

These bracers act as a Bracers of Natural Armor +1. They also contain a Gem of Iron Heart, which provides Damage Reduction 1, usable up to 10 times. This means that for ten attacks, one point of damage is removed from the total. After this, the bracers must be recharged by rest and meditation which then allows them to regain their DR 1 ability.



These bracers were considered by the ancient Chinese to be a powerful magical item, supposedly provided by the last bit of essence contained in the spiritual body of Yi Wu, the fu dog that guarded the Song of Water in the Taoist temple outside of Five Roads. Legend has it that after a battle with the Five Fists of the Middle Kingdom in the mythic period, Yi Wu had entrusted the Five Fists of the Middle Kingdom – a group of disparate martial artists in obscure Chinese myth – with the task of recovering the Song of Water from the blind master that had stolen it. In the Five Fists Myth Cycle of ancient China, there were five songs that were related to each of the five elements which could be played upon the sè of Fu-hsi, the mythical creator of humanity and the Ten Thousand Auspicious Things. The Song of Water had alternate abilities; however, in the scrolls that were found that related to the story of this period, the only known trait of the Song of Water was that it could summon the dead.

It was said that these bracers – of which there were five in recorded record, but only three have been recovered in the modern day – gave their wielder the ability to deflect blows with uncanny ability and to call upon the strength to shrug off powerful attacks. Its mythical Achilles’ Heel (ed. if you will excuse the mixture of cultural references…) was that the bracers required a period of “recharging” after absorbing the power of ten attacks.

Bracers of Yi Wu

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